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The Pathan Sisters

A documentary by Eléonore Boissinot

80' & 52' I Hindi, english

In postproduction


Gujarat, West of India. Sofia and Suzain are two teenage sisters brought up in a humble household, taken care of by their father since their mother left. They were too young to remember, but 20 years ago, their family barely escaped the deadly 2002 Gujarat anti-Muslim riots. Refusing the grim day-to-day routine and the shadow of the past, Sofia and Suzain want to embrace life to the fullest. While they grow up, reality comes knocking.

Equipe :

Written and directed by Eléonore Boissinot

Production: Claire Babany

DOP: Cédric Dupire

Sound: Eléonore Boissinot

Editor: Perrine Beckaert

Assistant editor: Thomas Laufer

Original music: Bertrand Wolff


Funding & partners:


With the support of the CNC innovative grant, SCAM writing grant,
Region Sud development and production grants, Procirep Angoa
Selected for the 2018 Eurodoc program and the 2020 Sheffield MeetMarket

Broadcasters: France Télévisions (FR2 “25 shades of docs”), RTS, Lyon Capitale TV

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