30 Yards (2023)


The Four Seasons

A documentary by Margaux Guillemard

52 min | 16 mm | French

In development

The Four Seasons is a film about the traces that love leaves in us. The film explores an area of ​​intimacy - the invisible, silent memories, inner images, unspoken regrets, related to love.

The director brings out, with gentleness, humor and poetry, testimonies of elderly people about what, after so many years, "remains".



Written & directed by Margaux Guillemard

Production : Claire Babany & Eléonore Boissinot

Coproducers : Rétroviseur production, Laureline Armanieux & Dorian Blanc 

Funding  & partners:

With the Région Ile-de-France writing grant, the Région Normandie & Région Sud development fund


In coproduction with RETROVISEURS Productions


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