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Palestinian Women: A Guide to Cultural Resistance

A documentary by Mariette Auvray 

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Webseries 3 x 15min & 1 off 53min 

English, Arabic, French



From Jerusalem to Haifa, stopping by Acre, Bethlehem and Ramallah, we travel across Israel and the West Bank to meet with Palestinian women shaping the cultural landscape. They are artists, chefs, performers, entrepreneurs, designers... and they tell us about their life, culture and identity in a divided and much disputed territory. The documentary features how these young women reinvent today their political and cultural battles.

Team :


Written & directed by Mariette Auvray

Image and sound: Mariette Auvray

Editing: Thomas Laufer

Re-recording mixer: Sarouna

Color editor: Leva Kabasinskaite

Production: Claire Babany & Eléonore Boissinot

With Nadia, Yasmine Eve, Safaa Hathot, Ghadeer Dajani, Nathalie Tahhan, Samaa Wakeem, Mirna Bamieh, Hazar Azzeh, Haya Khalifah

Supports & partners:

With the support of CNC XN, CNC Talent, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region, Roberto Cimetta Fund

In partnership with Courrier International

Acquisitions: LCP,  ORF, DW 

Distribution: Beliane



FIGRA 2021, Festival Ciné-Palestine (Paris & Toulouse), Yaffawiyeh Festival (Israel), DocuMed (Tunisia), MiddleEast Now (Firenze), Filmer c'est exister (Geneva)


Bar à Bulles at Moulin Rouge 09/22/21


The webseries aired on Courrier International website on 06/20/20

The one off version aired on LCP on 11/02/21 + replay until 11/15/21

They talk about it:

Le MondeTélérama (TT), Pan African Music, Manifesto, Courrier International

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