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Ojos de Agua_Alejo (c) Dryades Films.png

Ojos de Agua

A documentary by Marion Esnault and Marcelo Lara

 75 / 52 min I Spanish

In development


In Chile, drought and water shortages have been hitting hard for the past 15 years. Due to climate change of course, but also to the privatization of water sources instituted by Pinochet's neoliberal constitution. As political upheavals have been shaking the Andean country since the social revolt of 2019, Alejo and Ivanna are fighting to gain access to drinking water and put an end to the monopolization of water by intensive agriculture and copper mining.


Written & directed by Marion Esnault and Marcelo Lara

Production: Claire Babany and Eléonore Boissinot


With the support of the Fondation France Libertés - Danielle Mitterrand.


Selected for the Dok Leipzig Co-Pro Market 2022

Selected for the Sunny Side of the Doc Global Pitch 2023

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