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Fishermen of Saint-Tropez

A documentary by Sérine Lortat-Jacob

 52 min I French

In production


Saint-Tropez, the last fishermen on their traditional fishing boats – my uncle Dédé and his son Pascal – in the face of luxury boats, tall and blind, who snatch the fish lines without caring about the sea nor the fishes. Dédé and Pascal share their fishing stories, which live on through time-refined knowledge.


Written & directed by Sérine Lortat-Jacob 

Sound: Mathieu Courthial

Production : Claire Babany & Eléonore Boissinot

Funding and partners:

In coproduction with France Télévisions (France 3 PACA). With the support of SCAM, PACA Region, CNC, Procirep Angoa.

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